Hand Held Oxygen Analyzer Buying Guide (BETA)

This site is dedicated to building a database of handheld oxygen analyzers for purposes of building a database for buyers.  To list your handheld oxygen analyzer, please write us at info@handheldoxygenanalzyer.com.  Annual listings are $49 each.  Please include a picture, description, and a direct link to the product at your website.



The Quantek Instruments Model 901 oxygen analyzer is a portable hand-held oxygen analyzer used in the measurement of residual oxygen levels in gas-flushed (CAP/MAP) food packages.

It is used in a wide range of applications, including meats, fresh produce, pasta, nuts, snack foods, and dairy. 

Contact Quantek Instruments directly by calling 508-839-3940 or sales@quantekinstruments.com


The Maxtec OM-25A oxygen analyzer is used primarily for medical applications. 

The gold standard in their O2 analyzer line up, this model has the sensor inside the analyzer. When attached to the tubing, checking oxygen concentrators for O2 percentage accuracy is done quickly and with ease.

FDA Approved.  Call 866.4.MAXTEC or email sales@maxtecinc.com.